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Friday, January 30, 2015

Cabinet government

The Williams Dunderdale Marshall Coleman Marshall Davis Government released a rather self-serving report on its first 120 days in office this evening.

Apart from Premier Davis himself, the report mentions three other cabinet ministers by name:
  • Steve Kent
  • Tony Cornect
  • Ross Wiseman
  • Judy Manning

Steve Kent, who ran for the PC leadership himself last year, and who totally didn't have a sooper-sekrit leadership pact with Paul Davis, but who threw his support to Davis after being eliminated, garnered five mentions.

Tony Cornect received two, and Ross Wiseman, one.

Judy Manning, who has yet to set foot in the House of Assembly as a Member of that august body, also received one.

No other cabinet minister, elected or otherwise, merited a mention.

Maybe someone with a fresher memory will recall who Messrs. Cornect and Wiseman, and Ms. Manning, supported during the PC leadership race.

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