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Friday, May 01, 2015

More notable quotables

From the pages of the recent past in House of Assembly Hansard:

To clue up, I just want to acknowledge that this Budget is a great Budget. Some of the things, the Leader of the NDP even took credit for one of our biggest pieces of it: removing the HST from our home heating oil, but she is voting against it.
- Terry French, May 12, 2011  The NDP government in Nova Scotia, they brought in legislation that removed their provincial share of the HST on heat and light, but to pay for it they raised their HST. They raised their provincial share of the HST from 8 per cent to 10 per cent. In other words, they put the HST up on everything else and took it off heat and light.
- Tom Marshall, May 17, 2011  When you take all that into account, Mr. Speaker, it is much better to approach the tax system as we have – and we have not raised HST, which would affect everyone, as we have seen in other provinces. So, I would suggest that our approach to taxation is certainly a lot better for the people of this Province than the tax, tax, tax suggestions of the NDP.
- Jerome Kennedy, April 17, 2013  At the end of this fiscal year, Nova Scotians will have paid more HST than they paid four years ago. In fact, at the end of this fiscal year Nova Scotians will have paid 45 per cent more HST than they paid four years ago – 45 per cent more. That is the NDP philosophy. That is more than $500 million more in HST in an economy that has been stagnated by the New Democratic Party. That is what the folks opposite hope is in store for Newfoundland and Labrador.
- Steve Kent, May 9, 2013  Now, the one thing I will say, of course, what we could have done is done what the NDP in Nova Scotia and Manitoba did and raise HST that affects everyone, especially the poor and the vulnerable. We chose not to do that; we raised a $50 fee here on a transaction.
- Jerome Kennedy, May 14, 2013



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