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Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Ten years later...

A gem from the increasingly-distant past:

Mr. Speaker, as the hon. member is aware, we have taken the long-term heath care issue to the forefront in this Province. As a matter of fact, during our last Budget, we confirmed the initiative on the West Coast, which you are very familiar with, we have confirmed the initiative in Clarenville, and we have confirmed the initiative in Labrador. All of those are now proceeding. You know what is being done on the West Coast. You know when you were in power, when your government was in power, there were all kinds of waffling, and going back and forth, and public-private partnerships, and it was going to be private, it was going to be public, it was going to be a $70 million exercise. We are going about it right. We are going to do it right. We are planning it properly.

- Danny Williams, April 20, 2005


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