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Friday, October 30, 2009

The end of the beginning of the end

A very revealing letter to the Quebec Daily Newspaper today from Tony the Tory:

As a Progressive Conservative, I'm disappointed in the results in The Straits-White Bay North but I respect the decision of the people and want to congratulate Marshall Dean on a well-earned victory.

Still, before anyone says that this is the beginning of the end for the PC party in the province and that the tide is turning towards the Liberals, it is not. It's far from it: the PC party is still in the 70s in the polls and have over 40 of the seats in the House of Assembly.

When the plants – and Tony the Tory, of all people – start flooding the public discourse with the message that The Party’s not over? Then it’s so over.

The fat lady might not be singing just yet… but she’s backstage, putting on makeup and combing her wig.



At 8:05 PM, October 30, 2009 , Blogger Edward Hollett said...

Something tells me Tony's copy of 'help me make it through the night" is getting a little warped with all the replaying.


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