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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Remembery I and II

January 26, 1919. James Goudie arrived from Battle Harbour bringing the glorious news that Peace had been declared. A revolution having occured in Germany, this expedited the termination of the War. We are now anxiously awaiting the mail.

January 27. Flags flying today, celebrating peace. Bonfire at hospital grounds.

May 1. Arrivals Robt. Montague.

— Hudson's Bay Company Post Journal, North West River.

18th April, 1932

Prime Minister,

Dear Mr. Bennett,

...You know how I feel about the whole thing and have felt for many years and how the fishermen feel; that is, they would like to be tied up with Canada. I feel sure that if at the present time we could get the Newfoundland fishermen to understand that Canada really cares about them and the Empire, it would be very easy to get them to vote confederate and bring Newfoundland and its dependency of Labrador into the Canadian Dominion without anybody having to pay a cent at all...

I would like to have a talk with you the next time I come to Ottawa on the whole problem of getting Newfoundland and Labrador into the Dominion. I believe if I could give time to it, seeing the condition they are in now, I could get the majority of the country to vote for it. This is confidentially, but I believe it would be absolutely true.

Wilfred T. Grenfell.

— National Archives of Canada, MG26 J1, C-2329, pp. 162,785-87


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