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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Of Danny and dog-whistles

For two days running, Glorious Leader has been in the media predicting vague, indeterminate, but "dire" consequences should Stephen Harper, the only political leader capable of out-bullying and out-childishing Glorious Leader, adopt the report of the Expert Panel on Equalization as part of his grand scheme to fix the chimera known as Fiscal Imbalance.

"Dire consequences". Glorious Leader said it on CBC and on VOCM. Glorious Leader said it, so it must be true.

When pressed, Glorious Leader declines to offer more details as to these dire consequences. They are dire. Glorious Leader leaves it at that, even if the interviewer or audience can't quite figure out what Glorious Leader is on about.

But that doesn't stop his nationalist base from "knowing" exactly what it means.

As "Bad Boy" writes in his originating post:

Danny has tossed out the idea of Newfoundland separating as a threat over equalization ...
It's official: Glorious Leader has imported the dog-whistle into Newfoundland and Labrador politics.


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