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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Allegory relief

Usually allegorical editorializing of the Russell Wangersky school drives me around the bend. But this one isn't a nature allegory, and it's explosive stuff to boot, so here goes. Kudos to Ossie Michelin for a terrific piece:

A matter of marital issues

The Labradorian [July 31, 2006]

Newfoundland and Labrador have lived in the same neighbourhood as long as either one can remember. They had many friends in common; their aboriginal groups were cousins and they had both entertained groups of lost Norsemen.

They were best of friends as British colonies, Queen Victoria, or 'Old Miss Vickie' as Newfoundland affectionately referred to her as, knew that there would be magic between the young couple.

And so over the years Labrador began to move away from her longtime beau, and neighbour to West, Quebec. As much as Labrador loved her past with her charming French friend, she felt that she had more in common with Newfoundland. Although he could be a little distant at times, Labrador would remind him affectionately that “No man is an Island.”
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