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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Ferry foibles

If this were a Marine Atlantic ferry, the usual crowd of suspects would be issuing press releases and hitting the airwaves. But this is just Labrador, and it's a ferry run by Chairman Dan to boot, so no one, other than the passengers themselves, says anything.

Hospitality Newfoundland and Newfoundland, Councillor Sandy Hickman, Wayne Ruth, where is your outrage? Aren't the Labrador ferries an extension of the Trans-Labrador Highway?

From VOCM news today:

Tourists Pleasure Trip Turned Nightmare
August 9, 2006

What was supposed to be a pleasure trip to Labrador turned into a nightmare for a group of eight tourists. On the Northern Peninsula for a Come Home Year, the eight, most of whom were from the U.S., decided to take the St. Barbe ferry to Blanc Sablon for a day trip. But after they got to Labrador, the group ended up spending Monday night there. The ferry cancelled the Monday night return trip because of high winds in the Strait. With no accommodations booked, they stayed in Quebec that night. On VOCM Niteline with Denis Mulloy, Margaret said they ended up having to stand in line for several hours the next day to get a spot on the boat. It's doubtful they'll ever make a return trip.


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