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Saturday, August 26, 2006

What did he know and when did he know it?

On yesterday's Backtalk, Bill Rowe, Danny Williams' former Ambassador of the Pinkwhiteandgreenian Fantasy Republic of Newfoundland in Ottawa, said something interesting.
He mentioned — pardon the paraphrase; if someone has a transcript, post it as a comment, please — that all the polls he'd seen in the last few days showed that the public was behind Chairman Dan in Chairman's unceasing and inexplicable campaign to install Danny Williams as head of the CNLOPB, despite what the Atlantic Accord says, despite the fact that there's already an open provincial seat on the board.

Now here's the darnedest thing: such a poll has not been reported in any media outlet, print, broadcast or other, in the past few weeks.

Nor the past few months.

Nor the past few years.

Let alone the past few days.

So this leaves two alternatives:

One, that despite Bill Rowe's statement, no such poll exists.

Two, that such a poll exists, but it was not conducted on behalf of any media outlet.

This latter alternative screams out the obvious follow-up questions:

If such a poll exists, who paid for it? how much did it cost? who carried out the work? what was the methodology? what were the questions? what are the results? and how, oh how, did the report end up on Bill Rowe's desk?


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