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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


From a message-board thread over at cartwrightlab:
15825. Flagman: So how many of you fly the "PWG" in the Labrador part of Newfoundland?

15827. I can't speak for every part of Labrador, but I can say with a fair degree of certainty that you would be hard pressed to find a single solitary pink, white & green flag flying in Labrador. Now the blue, white & green is a different story

15828. Ralph: What Dean said! Even here in my little basement apt.

15829. Pure Labrador: Are you serious, a PWG flag flying in Labrador.Treason is a serious crime you know. Anyone that flies that kind of flag should be whipped with a sealskin dog whip.

15831. Marilyn: Sadly....we have seen a couple of pink/white/green flags flying here in Goose Bay. I'm not fond of that flag nor the official NL flag. The unofficial Labrador Flag is by far the winner overall. Maybe someday it will receive deserving recognition. That will be a day to celebrate!!

15833. why: why would anyone in Labrador even fly the provincal flag .let alone the pink,white & green.only the Labrador flag for me

15835. Pure Labrador: The people who fly the Newfounland flag here in Labrador should be deported back to their foreign country of NFLD

15836. Lloyd: Guess I missed them somehow Marilyn... I personally have never seen the pinkwhitegreen in these parts. As you said the other one is seen pretty much only on 'official' flag poles. ... That green, white, blue is sure pretty eh?


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