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Friday, January 26, 2007

Don't say you weren't told

For anyone who is surprised about Loyola (H) giving Loyola (S) the Fisheries Ambassador position, three pieces of advice:

(1) Subscribe to The Telegram.

(2) Read it every day, even on New Year's Eve and other festive days.

(3) Pay particular attention to anything under Jamie Baker's byline:

'Sullivan was always there'
Friends, political foes praise former finance minister

The Telegram
Jamie Baker
December 31, 2006, p. A1


Federal Fisheries Minister Loyola Hearn has been a close friend of Sullivan's for many years.


"Loyola has always took the high road, he picked his time, the time is right and the people who know him will accept the fact he made the right decision," Hearn said, noting he and Sullivan had taught school together, played hockey together and even worked on each other's political campaigns.

"I have been involved with all his campaigns, and he has been involved with all of mine - even when we were sort of persona non grata to other people," Hearn said. "Sullivan was always there."


Meanwhile, Hearn doesn't believe the province has seen the last of the man who has often been jokingly referred to as the human calculator for his penchant with handling numbers.

He expects the private sector, and maybe even public office again at some point, will seek Sullivan out.

"Whether it be the private or public sector, people are not going to sit back without using talent like that to the full advantage," Hearn said. "My own guess is that we will hear more from Mr. Sullivan because he has a tremendous amount to offer."


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