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Friday, March 23, 2007

Canadian Reckless Fishery Association?

Tory Keneycke — or however you spell it — and the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association, whoever they are, have recently been running a high-rotation, very expensive, and not-so-subtly pro-Harper ad campaign of late.

(Conservative-friendly ad agencies? - ed.)

No, there will not be a link. Google it if you want it.

At the end of the moderately less-partisan one ("Bio Who?") is a clip of dorkus malorkus Albert with a genuine imitation "fisherman" who looks, and sounds, like the rest of the ad, to have been filmed somewhere in or around the K** *** Postal District.

Dorkus malorkus Albert assures the nameless faux-fisherman that yes, renewable fuels can be made out of fish.

For the sake of any fisherpersons out there who might have been intrigued by this economic possibility, Albert, Tory, and company should inform the rest of us:

What species of Canadian fish — or any other country's, for that matter — are (a) sufficiently abundant, (b) sufficiently energy-efficient, and (c) insufficiently tasty or nutritious, to be scooped out of the water and turned into "renewable fuels"?


At 11:47 PM, March 22, 2007 , Blogger Mark said...


Sure, they aren't really fish, but there's plenty of 'em and yes, they taste like shit. I don't care what your friends or neighbours may say, but I think seal meat tastes like crap. Not to mention its lingering effect on... oh never mind. You get the picture.

They are plentiful. And they are oily little bastards.

And wouldn't it be great to unite all of the environmentalists in the world to rally for one cause? Seal oil powered clean energy cars. That's the answer. World peace would surely follow.


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