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Friday, October 19, 2007


Wonder of wonders.

Today on On the Go, CBC’s Mike Rossiter challenged Tom Rideout – Our Dear Premier being, as usual, too busy with important other Premier stuff – about the delayed opening of that great time-waster, the House of Assembly. Rideout responded:
First of all, if we were going to convene the legislature right away after the election, we have to wait until members are certified as been [sic] elected; that can’t happen legally until the 25th of October. Then the House has to be sworn in, cabinet has to be sworn in, we can’t start the House after an election without a Throne Speech, so we’d have to have a Throne Speech prepared, so by the time you get all that done logistically, you’re well into November, perhaps getting up towards the end of November. So if you look at it from that perspective, it’s a difficult time with new ministers and new members and so on coming on.
“Well into November”, “towards the end of November”. Terrible, awful times to conduct the affairs of state. Right?

Well, on this point, Rideout may not be backuppable.

In 2004, the fall sitting of the Bow-Wow Parliament started on November 22nd.

In 2005, it began on November 21st.

In 2006, on November 20th.


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