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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

No one to talk

Ryan Cleary, whose journalism is wholly unrelated to the number, size, or cost of the ads that the provincial government runs in the Newfoundland Weekly Separatist, breaks out his favourite crayon this week and writes:

What’s so sad about our rag-tag official Opposition being charged with holding Danny’s government accountable is that they’re no one to talk.
"No one to talk."


The Great Investigative Journalist also writes:

No doubt the next four years will be difficult ones for the Liberal opposition — taking on a Goliath government of 44 MHAs — but imagine their pension payouts.

No need to imagine.

An MHA’s pension is defined as 81.2 per cent of their salary, based on their three best income years. Given an average annual income over the next four years of $138,000, the three Liberal MHAs could eventually walk away from the legislature with a pension of $111,000 a year.

For the rest of their lives.


I repeat.

Yet - not one word about the size of Danny Williams' cabinet; the cabinet that was slashed with such fanfare in 2003, and which is now pretty well as large as any Liberal cabinet that Our Dear Premier ever fustigated against.

Or their pay and benefits.

Or their pension entitlements.

Or how the pay, benefit, and pension entitlements, government and opposition alike, came into being.

Or about the blatant Green-bending, if not outright breaking, that's already going on.


I repeat.


There's no "wow" involved, of course: this "journalism" is pretty well par for the course for The InDependent.

"No one to talk."


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