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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

More dog-whistles

Janet, Jack D. Kennedy, and Robert Anstey, posting on the CBC website, heard Danny's real message yesterday loud and clear:

Looks like a great time for separation... how about it, Danny?

Posted January 15, 2008 08:40 AM

Jack D. Kennedy

The acrimonious rift between Danny Williams and Stephan Harper simply confirms that after nearly sixty years in Confederation, we made the wrong decision in 1949. Ches Crosbie was right! If we had chosen economic Union with the United States of America in 1949, today we would be a bona fide State of the United States.The United States is not an economic or political panacea, however, Statehood would have provided us with Constitutionally protected rights of private property, freedom of speech, the right to move to and work in any state in the Union and to access millions of employment and business opportunities. We seek to be economically independent, a status which we will never achieve as individuals in Canada. Under the current setup we can only aspire to economic success if we choose to leave Newfoundland and Labrador, move to mainland Canada and learn to speak French. Despite the anti-American drivel which has been drilled into us by the elitist monarchist Canadian culture, we made a major blunder in choosing, or should I say, being conned into joining Canada. The truth is, Great Britain never wanted Newfoundland and Canada never wanted Newfoundland. We only got Labrador because the British Privy Council did not want it to fall into the hands of Francophone Quebec. If we remain as part of Canada we will be doomed to economic dependence and continual lack of any real economic development. Stephan Dion may not be a great leader but, in his haste to appease Quebec, he did author the "Clarity Act" which is an opportunity for us to get out of this one-sided contract which we signed under duress in the first place. Let us call a referendum, ask the right question as required by the "Clarity Act", and obtain the required majority. Let us negotiate favorable terms of union with the United States, including paying off our debt and providing us with universal health care. Let us get on with becoming a truly have "State" once and for all.

Posted January 15, 2008 11:38 AM

Robert Anstey

" Republic Of Newfoundland & Labrador " . As I have said before , Newfoundland & Labrador has being denied equality of opportunity and was and still is deprived of our rightful place in Canada since confederation . A systematic effort is being made in the bowels of the federal government to stagnate Newfoundland & Labrador's place on the world stage and to prevent us from having complete equality and becoming an equal partner within Canada . We Newfoundlanders and Labradorians have made up our minds to have our fullest rights but we shall have them as rights not as gifts or concessions . If we cannot have respect and dignity within the confederation of Canada then we shall have it as a " SEPERATE AND SOVEREIGN NATION " . Again I say , Newfoundland & Labrador is irrevocably opposed to any " FEDERAL OBJECTIVE " that will not allow us to be master of own house , economic and industrial resources . Mr : Harper , " It's bad enough having you tell us what you're going to do whether we like it or not . " DON'T " add insult to injury by telling us that it's in our best interest to obey your orders " . The more you tell us what's good for us , the more we gag . Your neocolonial attitude towards Newfoundland & Labrador is one of resentment and a " FATALLY FLAWED ASSUMPTION " . Its time For Newfoundlanders & Labradorians to galvenize and prepare ourselves for the decisive struggle in which we are so capable of doing , " QUIT CANADA " .

Posted January 15, 2008 03:06 PM


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