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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Due date

Barbara Dean-Simmons reported last month for the Transcontinental weeklies:
Kaylen Hill, an environmental scientist with SNC-Lavalin, and Chris Palmer, a partner in the Bauline-based company, Connections Research, were in Clarenville and Bonavista last week seeking public opinion on the critical issues and challenges facing the province's coastlines.


SNC-Lavalin and Connec-tions Research should have the public consultation process concluded by the end of this month.

Hill says their final report to the [provincial] fisheries department is due by the end of March.
As Williams Government said on March 3, reported by Rob Antle of The Telegram:
There are instances when that deadline simply cannot be met due to a variety of issues... But we do strive to meet that deadline, and I think an evaluation would show that we certainly release reports much more quickly than previous governments."
This would mean that Williams Government is due to release that report by the end of April.... right?


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