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Friday, June 13, 2008

Danny disappointed over disdain - again

Our Dear Premier, whose Minister of Justice the other week was protesting before a Senate Committee that Our Dear Criticism of Our Dear Cancer Inquiry wasn't directed at Our Dear Judge, but rather at Our Dear Commission Counsel, directs his criticism today at Our Dear Judge:
"I have to say I was disappointed. I was disappointed as I watched Madame Justice Cameron show disdain for a professional witness who was before her, giving testimony, honestly, forthright, under oath, to the best of his or her ability," Williams told reporters.

"The pencil tapping, the shrugging, the rolling of the eyes, the tongue in the cheek — I find that disappointing, that's all I can say."


"People understand that you can't possibly recollect that kind of detail," he said.

"Where the commission and its solicitors are trying to drill down and demand that people have to remember that, well, I think it's a very honest answer for witnesses — any witnesses — but given a certain set of circumstances, here's what likely would have happened."
Of course, Our Dear Premier, in his former life as Great Lawyer™, never, never, ever, once tried to cast doubt on a witness' credibility when they couldn't recollect a certain kind of detail... right?


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