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Thursday, July 10, 2008

On responsibility

One more kick at the can, just in case Joan Forsey loses her creative outlet (again):
Quebec covets Labrador. In 1982, the Quebec government went so far as to prepare legislation to assert sovereignty over Labrador. After considering it in cabinet, however, Premier René Lévesque said that “for the foreseeable future, that question is not actively under study.” The cabinet presumably figured it would be more lucrative (all of the plea$ure, none of the responsibility) simply to prevent Newfoundland and Labrador from selling to anyone but Quebec, which would then be able to dictate prices.

All of the plea$ure (subtle!), none of the responsibility?

In a universe where a provincial auditorium is a federal responsibility just because it's in Labrador, where a provincial highway is a federal responsibility just because it's in Labrador, where a fibre-optic cable is a federal responsibility just because it's in Labrador (even as a similar cable in Newfoundland receives a massive provincial subsidy), really, Joan, who, having collected the lu¢rative revenues of Voisey's Bay, two iron ore mines, GWAC, and Labrador's disproportionately large contribution of general provincial tax revenues, relative to its population share, who, Joan, who are the covetous ones enjoying all of the plea$ure and shirking the responsibility?

Joan, oh Joan, where is your ¢on$¢ien¢e, your finely-tuned $en$e of outrage?


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