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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

What-if (II)

Thank you, Joan Forsey. For the opening.

Thank you for saying, about the so-called Lower Churchill so-called project,
Not only would that electricity be clean and forever renewable, it would be relatively cheap...

So, how green are the greens? ... But perhaps the question is best answered with another question: if environmentalism, inexperience, immaturity and envy are green, what color is hypocrisy?
Indeed. And answering a question with a question is loads of fun.

Questions like, "What if.... ?"

What if... the so-called Lower Churchill so-called project involved damming rivers and flooding land on a massive scale in Newfoundland, instead of in Labrador? (The map above shows the massively large Smallwood Reservoir, created by the so-called Upper Churchill project, as well as the proposed reservoirs which would be created by the two so-called Lower Churchill dams.)

And what if that electricity would then be exported to Labrador, and points beyond, without any consideration for the wants, needs, or demands of the people of Newfoundland?

Where would the environmentally-conscious Newfoundland and Labrador newspaper come down then?

What colour is hypocrisy, anyway?

Pink? White?


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