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Tuesday, October 07, 2008


The NB branch plant of the Ministry of Truth (federal), and the NB provincial opposition, see right through the logic in Shawn Graham's plan to make his province more self-sufficient by increasing its dependence on Ottawa.

Is there any particular reason why the CBC across the province of St. John's, and the provincial opposition, is unable or unwilling to connect the same dots with regards to Danny Williams' Glorious National Plan For National Autonomy of the Nation Through Increased Federal Transfer Payments, Federal Cost-Sharing and Program Spending, and Federal Civil Service Presence?
Premier asks for more federal money to make N.B. self-sufficient
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CBC News

New Brunswick Premier Shawn Graham has written an open letter to all five federal party leaders, asking them to endorse his province's plan to become more self-sufficient.

In the letter, the premier said becoming less dependent on the federal government by 2026 involves Ottawa doing more, such as: spending more on child care, building more roads and putting more federal jobs in the province.


Meanwhile, the provincial Tories said Graham is sending a mixed message, trying to be more self-sufficient while asking Ottawa for more money.

Leader Jeannot Volpe said New Brunswick has been getting more money from Ottawa, but Graham's Liberal government hasn't learned to live within its means.



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