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Thursday, December 18, 2008


It is quite possibly — like the Churchill Falls contract was for Smallwood, the nationalisation was for Moores, or the Upper Churchill Water Rights Reversion Act was for Peckford — the piece of legalese that will reverberate the longest from, and most define, the sorry, sorry episode that is the Danny Williams-Government years.

Bill 75. An Act to Return to the Crown Certain Rights Relating to Timber and Water Use Vested in Abitibi-Consolidated and to Expropriate Assets and Lands Associated with the Generation of Electricity Enabled by those Water Use Rights.

You can open the .pdf of the bill here.

But what you can't do, thanks to the security settings on the file, is copy or paste any of its text.

It's what the cool kids call "locked". Adobe Acrobat helpfully tells you, when you click on the little lock icon, that "You can print this document." [Phew!] But, "You cannot copy from this document."

Danny Williams-Government's openness and accountability strikes again.

Mitigating factor: at least none of the .pdf is blacked out.

Well, not yet.



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