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Monday, January 12, 2009

Stop your "more for me, please" rants

Amazed from NL is amazed:
Amazed from NL writes: I am so tired of the whining from Labrador and them saying they get nothing! Labrador deserves to get as much as the rest of the province gets, no more. Labrador as a whole area has the population about the same as the Burin Peninsula. Why do you derserve more, just because the resource is up there? By that logic maybe Labrador should stop asking for other monies seeing as most of it comes from oil these days, which isn't located up there.
I agree that labrador deserves to have the highway done properly and have good hospitals, etc, just like the rest of the province, but I don't agree they deserve more because it is a big area with resources. We are a province as a whole, regardless of the stupid seperatist thing up there, and the benefits of resources should benefit us all, and Labrador always saying they are getting stiffed is getting old. Labrador will benefit from the infrastructure in place to develop these resources up there, and then the province as a whole should benefit from the money obtained.
Labrador is a beautiful place, I spent my childhood in Labrador City, but I do not agree with all the complaining up there. Population wise it makes no sense compared to populations elsewhere in this province.


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