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Friday, January 09, 2009

The realm of possibility

From the Ministry of Truth this morning:
Dunderdale Says She Was Consulted on CNLOPB Appointment
January 9, 2009

Minister Kathy Dunderdale says contrary to concerns raised by NDP Leader Lorraine Michael, she was consulted in the appointment of a new board member to the
CNLOPB. Dunderdale, the Minister Responsible for the Status of Women, says she was aware Premier Danny Williams would be appointing a man to replace the only female member of the board. Dunderdale says she is not overly concerned with the makeup of the offshore petroleum board, since a number of women will have input by virtue of holding top positions in government. Dunderdale says government has strived to ensure gender balance on boards and committees, but it's not always possible.
Not always possible? OK, sure.

So... how often is it "possible"?

Surely such an open and accountable government as Danny Williams-Government, if asked, would furnish a list of all LG-in-council (and other) appointments it has made, so that an enterprising body could judge just how hard government has strived.


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