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Monday, January 05, 2009

Happy(talk) Holidays!

My, my, but the Cabinet Ministers were upbeat over the past two week, as reported by Voice of the [don't say Cabinet Minister - ed.] Contrived Messaging? Co-ordinating Matthews?

You'd almost think someone was stupid enough to have been polling over Christmas and New Year's.

Note, however, the abundant use of that marvelous preposition, despite:
Skinner Pleased With Happenings in Central Despite Situation
Jan 4, 2009

Innovation, Trade and Rural Development Minister Shawn Skinner says government is examining all options in efforts to ease the impact of the AbitibiBowater shut down in Grand Falls-Windsor. Skinner leads the province's task force made up of a number of cabinet ministers. He says he's pleased with recent meetings with union members, and regional and municipal leaders. Skinner says the people remain positive and from what he's seen, the integrity of the community gives him much confidence as we enter a new year.

Government Attempts to Keep Youth in the Province
December 31, 2008

The minister of Human Resources, Labour and Employment is excited about the prospects for 2009, particularly as it relates to youth. Susan Sullivan's department is in the process of devising a strategy to entice young people to stay in the province and those who are elsewhere to come home to live and work. Sullivan says they heard a lot of good things at a recent youth summit in St. John's which will help them build a good base of understanding.

Rubber Tire Traffic Down in 2008
December 31, 2008

There was a slight overall drop in tourism in Newfoundland and Labrador during 2008 - about one percent -but Minister Clyde Jackman has a good feeling about 2009. Jackman says air traffic was up about four per cent but rubber tire traffic was down considerably. To that end, the Minister responsible for Tourism hopes to sit down with Marine Atlantic early in the New Year to talk about a marketing plan. Jackman expects next year to be a banner year for convention business.

MHA Optimistic Despite Closure
December 30, 2008

One of the MHA's representing the Grand Falls-Windsor area is confident that the region has a bright future - with or without a paper mill. The AbitibiBowater operation is set to close March 28th, putting more than 800 people out of work. Susan Sullivan, also the minister of Human Resources, Labour and Employment, says her department has several ongoing initiatives aimed at helping the displaced workers.

Wiseman Says 09 Budget Will Help Health Care
December 29, 2008

Health Minister Ross Wiseman says he is going into the New Year with a belief that this year's budget will treat the province's health care system well. Wiseman says he is looking forward to making improvements and building on the initiatives taken in 2008. Minister Wiseman says the major investments and improvements need to be highlighted. He says there are a number of gains made in the past year and we need to build on these to make sure the province has a health care system second-to-none in the country.

Aboriginal Communities On Premier's List For 2009
December 29, 2008

Premier Danny Williams says he will continue to advocate for the province's aboriginal communities on the national stage as the new year begins. Premiers from across the country will converge in Winnipeg mid January for their first meetings of 2009 and to meet with the Harper Government. Manitoba Premier Gary Doer and Indian Affairs Minister Chuck Strahl say aboriginal issues, particularly education, employment and housing will top the agenda. Williams says Newfoundland and Labrador and the western provinces lead the country in action on aboriginal issues. Williams says relations between aboriginal communities and the provincial government have yielded some very positive results during 2008.

Business Meetings Continue Despite Economic Downturn; Oram
December 27, 2008

The Minister of Business says he's mindful of the challenges the current global economic downturn will present in the coming New Year, but he believes this province is well positioned to appeal to new markets. Paul Oram says they continue to meet with representatives from companies across North America and around the world who are looking for new and promising opportunities... Opportunities Oram believes they will find in this province.

Province to Announce Capital Works Early
December 26, 2008

Municipal Affairs Minister Diane Whelan says the province is working diligently to announce their capital works commitment early in the new year. Whelan says with the global economic crisis finally impacting this province, there have been calls from the construction and trades industry to know of governments spending intentions as soon as possible. Whelan says her department is working on a number of initiatives for 2009, and will be looking to get the ball rolling early.

Spending More Dollars on Healthcare
December 25, 2008

The provincial government now spends more on health care, on a per capita basis, than any other province in the country. Health Minister Ross Wiseman says the budget has grown about ten per cent a year for the last three or four years and with that growth comes a cap on what the system can absorb. Wiseman says some could argue that more could be added in people and technology but he says change is gradual and needs to be managed. He says how sustainable is a ten per cent a year growth factor. Wiseman says the government has demonstrated clearly that health is a high priority.



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