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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Time-honoured tradition

Again from the bizarre parallel universe peered into by Dave Bartlett in his January 3 report for The Telegram on the latest Grimes-Williams war of wits over the idea of Lower Churchill transmission line as economic stimulus:
But Williams says Grimes is out of the loop on just how much has been accomplished.

"Poor Roger is talking through his hat. He doesn't have the background, he doesn't have the information," says Williams.

"We've been working on this plan for a long, long time, we've a lot of engineering done," says Williams.


Williams agrees Kennedy misspoke when he said no environmental assessment would have to be done.

But he says it could be fast tracked to speed up the start of construction of a transmission line.

"The basic part of clearing the lands and brush cutting and getting the area in question ready for transmission can start immediately," says Williams.
Ah, yes... that venerable tradition, the one that doesn't make it into the slickly-produced tourism videos... brush-clearing as make-work.

Is the Premier, another Great Lawyer™, even he has little known expertise in the environmental field, as correct as Jerome Kennedy was wrong, when he suggests that "brush cutting and getting the area in question" [which area is that? -ed.] can also be done without any environmental assessment?

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