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Thursday, August 20, 2009

How not to be autonomous (IV)

Trevor Taylor, Minister Responsible for NewfoundlandLabradorHousing (Housing), and Len Simms, the non-patronage appointed Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of NewfoundlandLabradorHousing (Housing) released a "new long-term vision" for NewfoundlandLabrador Housing (Housing) last week.

So, even though We want to be Masters of our own House:

To that end, My Government will harness the desire among Newfoundlanders and Labradorians to cultivate greater cultural, financial and moral autonomy vis-à-vis Ottawa.

We don't, apparently, want to be Masters of our own NewfoundlandLabradorHousing (Housing) Housing.

In just nineteen pages — not including prelims and covers, which make the total thirty-two — the document issued by NewfoundlandLabradorHousing (Housing) makes four separate references to the federal funding that We, supposedly, so earnestly yearn to be autonomous from:

Page 5:

Federal funding for social housing has been declining and will continue to decline even further over the next three decades. Increased provincial funding for social housing has helped to off-set the reduced federal funding. Across Canada, all provinces and territories are continuing to seek a long-term funding commitment from the federal government.
Page 12:

Objectives 2.1 Enhanced communication and increased information exchange on housing need and market trends, policy issues, strategic priorities and reporting on outcomes.

Examples of actions to achieve this:

  • Continue to seek a long-term funding commitment from the federal government to ensure the preservation of the existing social housing stock.

Page 14:

3.1 Increased rental options for low- and moderate income households.

Examples of actions to achieve this:

    • Fund new affordable housing under a renewed federal/provincial Affordable Housing Agreement.

Page 16:

The province’s commitment to the Social Housing Plan must be tempered by its fiscal ability to fund specific projects and initiatives. However, the province will make its best effort, in cooperation with the federal government and private and not-for-profit sector partners, to deliver on commitments in the plan. The plan is intended to be sufficiently flexible to allow adjustments based on the province’s changing demographics, results of future research on social housing need, the federal government’s response to requests for a long-term social housing funding commitment and the practicalities of our fiscal response capabilities.



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