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Monday, August 24, 2009

Not Just Another State

A pseudonymous political genius posts to VOCM's Question of the Day, "Do you think Danny Williams should seek a third term as Premier?":
Yardstick Said: Anyone who votes "no" is insane. Do you have any idea what this man has done for the province of NL. I mean after all of the blundering idiots that have made there way through the political landscape back there, you want to try someone else? Danny is good for the province for too many reasons to list. I would keep him forever. He has made some tough choices that others were too big of cowards to decide. Long Live King Danny!!!
Yardstick would appear to be a veteran of certain classic American political campaigns of the 1990s. What's next? A not-so-subtle reminder that Mary Bailey isn't going to fire you if you don't vote for her?


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