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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Appointment book

Fishmin Jackman ridicules the opposition for not showing up for its nine o'clock:

MR. JACKMAN: Mr. Speaker, the important thing here right now is that we have to get the two sides, that being the FFAW and the processors, together and arrive at the price.

More importantly, I put out an invitation yesterday to the leader of the FFAW and the Leader of the Opposition to come in and review these documents. I am pleased to report that Mr. McCurdy, at 9:00 o’clock this morning, came and reviewed those documents. The Leader of the Opposition and no one across the way has even countered my offer.

Of course, the oppo might have shown up at nine o'clock, if the good Fishmin had bothered to follow through on his Monday promise:
MR. JACKMAN: I will invite the Leader of the Opposition to come over to my office, to sit down and let us go through that legal opinion and then see if she is willing to lay it on the line that she is willing to take the chance of some of the inherent issues that arise out of that.


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