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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

For it before they were against it

Oh. OK, then. So now Danny Williams-Government is against fearmongering?
MS JONES: Mr. Speaker, the minister obviously is not going to tell us whether she did what she committed to do sixteen months ago or not. We know, Mr. Speaker, that she failed to provide the information under the Environmental Protection Act in the court case and as a result of it we have lost that case.

Mr. Speaker, if government does not have the analysis done of the costs associated with AbitibiBowater’s environmental liabilities; I fear that we may even be facing even more concerning issues in the months and years to come.

I ask the minister in the spirit of openness and accountability: Can you provide any information within your department as to what the total price tag of Abitibi’s environmental liabilities is to the people of this Province?

MS JOHNSON: Mr. Speaker, when she cannot get the facts right and she does not do the right research, then she turns to fearmongering. That is the tactic that we see here.



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