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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Enough to make you sick

An interesting comment on the Telegram site today from a "John Smith":

John Smith from NL writes: Come on everybody, let's shed some tears for the poor ol' doctors. They only make five or six hundred thou a year, live in million dollar homes, and have three or four expensive cars, not to mention all the other perks. They are so very over worked yet seem to have plenty of time to get to the golf course, and to squash, and tennis. Many have homes in florida that they somehow manage to get to for six or eight weeks of the year. All this to sit in an office and write a few scripts for a few hours a day. If these elites ever did a real days work they would pass out. Every time thier contract is up the nurses or the docs come out with the poor face, bitching and complaining about how hard they have it...makes me sick, pardon the pun.
Posted 20/04/2010 at 9:37 AM
Imagine making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, living in big houses, driving fancy cars, golfing, constantly heading off to Florida, and all just to sit in an office for a few hours a day, then only to complain about how hard you have it.



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