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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Vacation, all they ever wanted

For an Easter long weekend, there is a surprisingly large amount of chatter on the intertubes about St. John's city councillor Borat Gerry Colbert's work ethic, as reported today by Alisha Morrissey of the Telegram:

"For me, it's standard vacation time," said Colbert, explaining he takes several short trips to Florida throughout winter and spring.


"The day in council is important, but do you know what it is lots of times? Face time," Colbert said, adding it takes more than a meeting once a week to be a councillor.


"Mine are working vacations, but I take them. And quite frankly after 25 years, six or eight weeks' holidays ... you know."

In other potentially short-trips-to-Florida-related news, the House of Assembly, which these days tends to meet even less frequently in the course of a year than St. John's City Council, after six whole sittings so far in 2010, rose last Tuesday for a two-and-a-half-week "Easter" recess.

Even St. John's City Council has had the decency to meet thirteen times so far in 2010.



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