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Friday, April 02, 2010

Kremlinology: Lab and Ab edition

Pre-Budget 2005:
Premier Danny Williams today announced a number of key initiatives as part of the provincial government’s commitment to the continuing development, diversification and well-being of Labrador.

“We had a productive meeting with Labrador’s community leaders, and I look forward to working with these leaders in the future to address the needs and opportunities in the region,” said Premier Williams.

“The strategic investments we have made in transportation and municipal infrastructure, agrifoods and forest research, and business diversification have strengthened Labrador’s positioning for long-term economic growth,” said Premier Williams.

Premier Williams said his government is building on its achievements.

The premier indicated this does not preclude potential further announcements in Budget 2005.
Budget 2006:
The Williams government is renewing its commitment to encourage growth and prosperity in Labrador with $60 million in strategic investments in Budget 2006, ranging from expanded ferry service to providing performance space, to violence prevention and mineral exploration, which will deliver real, positive change for Labradorians.

"We have been making continuous progress in embracing the opportunities and addressing the challenges of Labrador since forming the government two years ago," said Premier Williams. "Our actions reflect our commitment to act on priorities identified by Labradorians to bring about a stronger, more vibrant economy for the region."

The Williams government recognizes that the natural environment remains one of our most important economic assets.

The Williams government envisions a society where relationships are built on equality and respect. More than $1.2 million is directed in Budget 2006 to support community safety and to act on recommendations of the Aboriginal Law Project Report.
Budget 2007: Nothing at all from Lab and Ab.

Budget 2008:
"When Premier Williams launched the Northern Strategic Plan for Labrador in 2007, we had one goal in mind - to lay a foundation for the future growth and prosperity of Labrador," said Minister Hickey.
Budget 2009: The W-word does not appear

Budget 2010:
Updated regularly, it is now expected the NSP will see $587.3 million invested in Labrador by the Williams Government to improve and expand infrastructure, advance delivery of programs and services, and encourage economic prosperity.

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