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Thursday, May 06, 2010

A matter of perspective (IV)

From the annals of Hansard in the Bow-Wow Parliament, Dear Leader shows some more of his magical ability to see things from a multitude of perspectives:

Basically, just from an overview perspective

One of those options was that the act could be changed if it was from a public policy perspective.

What does the Premier think of these characterizations which have been used by other people, and also comments made - financial perspective, a business perspective

that is where we get our real mileage and our real leverage from a tourism perspective

There are not enough vessels out there to police, from a surveillance perspective

I must say, as each session goes on, I feel a lot more comfortable, from a personal perspective

We put a proposal forward that we feel, if it had gone to the membership, would have been accepted as a very, very fair, a very reasonable and an affordable proposal from government’s perspective.

Mr. Speaker, since the negotiations have started, from a concession perspective, we have taken sick leave for current employees off the table

I will continue to live up to that commitment because this is all about making it a better place, from a health care perspective, from an educational perspective and from a social perspective.

The other thing, from a business attraction perspective, the single, most important thing I did from the business side was to meet with these ambassadors to discuss business opportunities

The other thing, of course, is just from an economic perspective.

From a compassionate perspective, we are doing absolutely everything we can but it is a big Province, we have limited means… But, from your perspective - from a compassion perspective we are a very, very, very compassionate government and we are trying to do (inaudible).

We have made a decision to do what is in the best interest of rural Newfoundland and Labrador in order to spread this resource evenly around this Province from an adjacency perspective

From a perspective of face-to-face meetings

I can tell him though, that generally from an IT perspective in the Province, there are serious problems with information technology within government.

Just from our own personal perspective, as a government, the MHA knows that we put the $250,000 on the table originally for a business plan

From a personal perspective, I have to be consistent. I cannot stand in this House and be inconsistent from what I advocated on that side of the House.

We have come out and we have indicated exactly what we wanted from an equity perspective.

As well, from a federal-provincial perspective, the federal minister and the provincial minister have a joint ministers’ working committee which has been in place for a couple of months

That is probably more from a legal perspective

From a transaction perspective

From your perspective, Sir, I sincerely apologize.

As well, from an infrastructure perspective, we are probably spending about half of our infrastructure capital on hospitals and schools

I can tell you from this government’s perspective

The legal point was a moot point because, in fact, it was just a question of whether, from an ethical perspective and a practical perspective

I can tell you, though, that from my personal perspective, and from the perspective of the members of Cabinet, members of government, caucus members, this is a very serious matter to us.

from the perspective of what was transpiring at that time

The oil price is fixed from a Memorandum of Agreement perspective.

Now, from a debt-planning perspective, how can we be expected to plan when the price of oil varies dramatically?

From the Budget document perspective, since we have come into office the deficits have gone down.

The other thing, just from a general perspective -

I think this works for both sides at Question Period, from a question perspective and an answer perspective.

What we will do is, we will go back to Madam Justice Cameron and ask her to give us a detailed breakdown of where it is going from a chronological perspective

He is very good at what he does from a political perspective

From the oil perspective, we use the Pira forecast.

We budget on the basis that we try to nail it as best we can, with some conservativism in the event that things go awry or we run into the situation that we ran into this year from a global economic perspective.

The second piece of the Atlantic Gateway is we are trying to position ourselves as a North Atlantic Gateway, to open us up so that we can get up into the Northwest Passage, the arctic sovereignty issues, in order to service Greenland, Nunavut and Iqaluit, and also to position us from a Canadian perspective so that we are ideally positioned.

from my perspective and from our government’s perspective and from that minister’s perspective, who is an experienced Fisheries Minister, we are going to stand up and we are going to protect the fishery in this Province.

At that point in time we had a discussion which was a reflection of previous discussions, whereby any negotiation or any discussion or any passing of a cheque over to Abitibi would have to look out for and safeguard the interests of the workers from a severance perspective

From a lockout perspective, there is no lockout.

Mr. Speaker, in addition to everything else that we have done for health care in the Province, whether it is from an information technology perspective

from a perspective of a change of attitude, I mean we have put $79 million on the table, a significant offer, a significant amount of money.

As well, we are dealing with a heavy crude oil out there, so from a fishing perspective, there is less likelihood that it would affect the fishery

From a perspective of monitoring this, we are monitoring it very, very closely.

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