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Friday, May 21, 2010


On Thursday, the Rhodes Scholar told the House:

PREMIER WILLIAMS: What we probably could have predicted but we would have thought hopefully would not have happened is that Quebec and the Quebec judges and the Quebec courts would have shafted us once again and that is exactly what is happening, every single decision that we have had out of that Province in the last month. That Régie decision as I said in the House was absolutely shameful. Quebec lovers, if we could only keep the Quebec lovers quiet, Mr. Speaker, it would be nice.

So we had a terrible decision from Régie which ignored all the rules, all the rules and then we had a judge who was single-mindedly wanted to make sure that Abitibi was restructured even if that was at Newfoundland and Labrador’s expense. So you cannot predict that, there is there nothing you can do about (inaudible).

As previously noted, the outcome of the Quebec process was, once upon a time, entirely predictable, according to the same Rhodes Scholar:

With regard to the transmission of power and how the power is going to be wielded [sic], we took a unique approach and a smart approach, quite frankly. We made an application to Trans-Energy so that we would be able to wield that power through Quebec. If, in fact, we do not sell any power to Quebec, well then we would have the right under the FERC rules, basically, to transmit and to transport power through Quebec. That is a right which is there. They are allowed to wield into the States, therefore we should be allowed to wield through Quebec, and we do not expect to have a contrary ruling on that.



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