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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Train 'em early (X): Ed Buckingham

And finally the class of 2007, starting with Ed Buckingham's maiden speech on March 19, 2008, bringing the game to a whole nother level:
Mr. Chair, the PC Party, my party, prides itself in being open and democratic. The recent election has only served to strengthen my faith, not only in this principle, but in this party’s resolve to enact the principle. This is a party and a leader who not only talks the talk, but walks to walk and insists that the democratic process should unfold as it should.

My first media event for the recent election occurred at the RNC headquarters. The Premier rolled out the crime strategy. It was well thought out and addressed immediate concerns for areas we all knew to exist. When it was over the audience applauded, the cameras packed up and the politicians went about the business of hitting the streets to continue with their election. However, as I was about to leave I realized I had left something in the hall and I returned to retrieve it. There in the room was the Premier, out from behind the microphones, no cameras in sight, talking to a class of new police recruits, telling them of his concern for the social downside of the impending prosperity and of his quiet involvement over the years on this very issue and why their role would be so important.

As I listened from the side of the room – and I don’t believe the Premier to this day even knows that I was there – but as I listened from the side of the room to the Premier, I was struck by two things. First, that someone must have borrowed the full text of my concerns because the Premier was using them word for word, and secondly, I realized that I was in the right place in the right party and under the right leader. The rest, as I say, is history.

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