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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Feel the love (II)

A few days ago, in the federal prison in Milan, Mich., a fifth columnist got what was coming to him – and he didn’t like it.

He was a member of a religious sect opposed to war but this fellow carried things a little too far. He dodged the draft. He was caught, tried and sentenced to a term in the penitentiary. That apparently taught him nothing. He became a trouble-maker – the prison’s No. 1 problem child. He rebelled at everything. He tried to incite the other prisoners to violence. He damned the U.S.A.

Milan is also the “domicile” of a group of Nazis. Because of the danger of riots, the Nazis had been isolated from the other prisoners. Prison officials, finally at wit’s-end with their fifth columnist, came to this conclusion: “All right, if he’s such a Nazi lover, we’ll just let him live with them.”
- Jack Stinnett, Wide World Service, October 1, 1942


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