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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Guess our back must be better

Himself emerges from His annual æstivation for yet another installment of The Hate:

Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Danny Williams accused the government of Quebec on Thursday of trying to block two provinces' plans to transmit hydroelectric power.

Williams told reporters in St. John's he has learned that Quebec has filed a written complaint with Prime Minister Stephen Harper about an application by Nova Scotia and Nalcor, Newfoundland and Labrador's Crown-owned energy corporation.

Williams said he was astonished to learn that the Quebec government is trying to halt any such support, which he said could be tantamount to trying to kill it.

Score one for His Premierness’s crack research and intelligence team; after all it was just three weeks ago that Quebec’s intergovernmental affairs Minister — unlike some provinces, they actually have one — telegraphed his province’s opposition to federal subsidies for transmission lines. Admittedly, Minister Béchard was sneaky about it, making his remarks in what they call “French”, but His Premierosity, with his stellar language and cryptography skills, made short work of that, and already, in the middle of August, he is in a position to blow the cover off the plot.

Curiously, these nefarious Quebec plots seem to cycle at about three-month intervals; His Premierosity exposed the previous one back on May 12th.

The reason for the cyclical nature isn’t known with any great certainty. There are some who hypothesize that is tied to lunar cycles. Others may have more cynical explanations in mind, but of course Nothing Could Be Further From The Truth™.

Incidentally, when His Premierificiousness says:
The two provinces submitted a request to the federal government in late June, Williams said, for federal infrastructure funding to defray the cost of landing a power line in Nova Scotia from Newfoundland. The line could potentially handle power generated from the proposed Lower Churchill hydroelectric megaproject in central Labrador.

does that not inspire someone, somewhere — like, say, at the scrum — to ask Him whatever became of Our Dear Go It Alone attitude?



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