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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The rubber-stamp factory (II)

Warning! Math ahead!

This chart shows a clever bit of figgerin' we'll call the Rubber Stamp Index, for each session of the Bow-Wow Parliament since the dawn of its internet age, ten long years ago.

You may wonder what you are looking at. And you'd be right. Our super-clever Rubber Stamp Index is calculated by the following formula:

RSI = (A + B)/C

where A is the percentage of all bills which reached Third Reading before the end of the next calendar day after First Reading (in some cases, later on the first day); B is the percentage of all bills which passed Third Reading which did so without amendments; and C is the average number of calendar days between First and Third Reading.

Bills which did not receive Third Reading are excluded from consideration. Data for the current session is provisional, and only includes bills which were introduced at First Reading before the six-month "summer" recess began in June.

The higher the values for A and B, and the lower the value for C, the more rubber-stampery the session of the legislature.

Here's the raw data:

                 (A)    (B)    (C)     RSI
44-2nd. 2000 22% 95% 14.3 8.2
44-3rd. 2001-02 13% 82% 19.3 4.9
44-4th. 2002 26% 70% 86.7 1.1
44-5th. 2003 0% 100% 13.9 7.2
45-1st. 2004 29% 86% 12.5 9.2
45-2nd. 2005 25% 93% 13.8 8.6
45-3rd. 2006 31% 94% 4.9 25.5
45-4th. 2007 19% 77% 11.5 8.4
46-1st. 2008 9% 96% 14.1 7.5
46-2nd. 2009 7% 92% 13.6 7.2
46-3rd. 2010* 16% 87% 27.9 3.7



At 8:28 AM, December 15, 2010 , Blogger Peter said...

And the 2006 spike is because...?

At 10:31 PM, December 15, 2010 , Blogger WJM said...

The math "why" is easy enough to figure out from the data table: there was a mad rush on to get bills out the door in 2006 for some reason, with a record number passed in two days, and a record small average number of days from First to Third.

The bigger "why" is more puzzling, but may have something to do with the much-rumoured (at the time) drive in certain quarters for a premature election, "fixed election" law be darned.


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