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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bob Ridgley

From the proceedings of the Bow-Wow Parliament, March 26, 2007:

MR. RIDGLEY: All positive things for this Province. Instead, they have chosen to use the word confrontational and to imply some negative effect to the stand that is being taken by the Premier.

Madam Chair, even if we use the word confrontational, there are times that people have to be confronted. For example, we confront people in the courtroom. A person is confronted by the fact that he was seen at the scene of the crime holding the gun. He has to be confronted with that evidence.

Madam Chair, the Prime Minister of Canada has to be confronted with the fact that these are his words when he talks about: We will leave you with 100 per cent of your oil and gas revenues. These are the words of the Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, when he says: 100 per cent of your resources, no small print, no excuses, no caps. Once again, the Prime Minister needs to be confronted. If that is what confrontational means, I say let’s go for it. Let’s confront him with the fact that he said no small print, no excuses, no caps. And we have our three Conservative MPs up there who also need to be confronted. If that is what confrontational means, let’s confront them with the fact that they need to stand up for this Province and not say that nothing is being lost. Something is, in fact, being lost. Something will be lost a couple of years down the road.


MADAM CHAIR: I remind the hon. member that his speaking time has expired.

MR. RIDGLEY: … I believe the Member for Port de Grave stood up the other day and said - maybe I misheard him - that the population in his area was growing. I believe that is what he said. So it is not altogether black in the Province, Madam Chair, despite the rants and raves and the hollow yelling that I hear from across the floor. I would remind some of those who are yelling at me right now, it is always the hollow base drum that makes the loudest sound.



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