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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Oh frabjous day!

Kalloo! Kallay!

VOCM reports:

Speaker Could Be Retiring

The news of another retirement from active politics may have been announced on Monday. With the October provincial election just around the corner, friendly wagers are likely being made on which MHAs are not planning to seek re-election. For the Speaker of the House, Roger Fitzgerald, the answer may have accidentally been leaked. While paying a compliment to the Speaker for his involvement with the publishing of Newfoundland's 1932-33 legislative debates, Lt. Governor John Crosbie made a joke about retiring from politics. Fitzgerald joked himself, thanking Crosbie for announcing his retirement and saying that he would tell his wife she might hear the same on the news.



At 3:13 PM, May 31, 2011 , Blogger Edward Hollett said...

A few things to note:

- Other Tory backbenchers may not run again. Fitz is maybe the first of a few.

- If the Tories gain a majority in the fall, it will be interesting to see if they appoint a third incompetent party hack to serve as speaker after the two we've had since 2003.

- Fitzgerald has been the most nakedly partisan, biased, incompetent Speaker since Confederation.

- He's even worse than Harvey Hodder, which is no mean feat.

- If you look at the history of the legislature in this province Fitzgerald may well top the list for all time. He'd certainly be in the top five.


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