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Monday, May 23, 2011


Corner Brook resident Michael Parsons wonders why a sign bearing the name of the late Diane Whalen is still up:
Michael Parsons says it is disrespectful for provincial government project signs, with the late Diane Whalen’s name on it, to be left up months after the work has been completed.

Taking a walk or drive along Midland Row in Pasadena, it is hard to miss the capital works announcement on the large board for a sidewalk project.

The Pasadena resident says the sign should not be left up after a project is over regardless, but takes real issue with the deceased minister’s name erected on the sign without just cause.

“The lady died,” Parsons said. “I mean, show some respect here.

“Somebody should have had the sense to take the thing down.”
A much, much better thing to wonder would be why does provgov insist on plastering Ministers' names around like this at all?

In a related question: have four separate government departments (Environment, Natural Resources, Transportation, TCR) started the quadrennial radio ad campaigns, which usually, and purely by coincidence, go into heavy rotation in the two months before the writ drops, in which the Minister personally reminds you not to run into meese on the highways?


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