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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

By request for hyeall (II)

It's July, that most wonderful time of the year... when Statistics Canada brings its free public data portal, CANSIM, up to date to June 2011.

This means a body can update now-outdated charts which he produced just scant weeks ago for your colour-enhanced enjoyment.

Once again, here is the stacked-bar portrayal of the provincial employed labour force, distinguishing three classes of working people: public-sector employees (which includes federal, provincial, and local government employees as well as crown corporation employees), private-sector employees, and the self-employed. As with previous charts of this type, the figure for any one month is actually the average of the previous twelve months inclusive. This smooths out seasonal variation which otherwise makes trends hard to spot.

Here is the same information, but as a stacked numerical total (in thousands of persons):
This is the picture with public-sector employees excluded. Only private-sector employees and the self-employed figures (again in thousands) are included.

It is noteworthy, and not a little troubling, that the private-sector labour force has not yet recovered to the pre-recession plateau (shown as a red line). It is also a potential worrying sign that growth in the private-sector employment force, after about a year of respectable gains compared to the 2008 recession, has levelled off.
And here is the numerical growth in the public-sector employment force all by its lonesome. Again, this is the sum of all public-sector employees, including employees of all levels of government and all crown corporations. In the five years since the recent-historic low, in early 2006, of about 55,600 public-sector employees, the public-sector labour force has increased by about 11,500 or over 20%. As a share of total employment, the public sector has grown from 26% to 30%.

The twelve-month average ending in June 2011 was 67,100 — an increase of 4100, or 6.5%, from the same period twelve months earlier. This represented an increase of over half a percentage point in the public sector's overall share of the employed labour force.

Data source: Statistics Canada CANSIM Table 282-0011

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