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Monday, July 25, 2011

Petermania (III)

The latest Terra satellite image, taken earlier this afternoon, shows the main Petermann ice Island a tantalizing 16 km (10 miles) off the Labrador coast near Cape St. Lewis. It continues to drift southward at a rate of about 800 to 900 metres an hour, carried by the Labrador current.

The size of the thing is now easily grasped by comparing it to Belle Isle, which lies due south.

Source image: NASA/GSFC, Rapid Response

The nearby communities of Port Hope Simpson, William's Harbour, St. Lewis, Mary's Harbour, Lodge Bay, and Red Bay, are shown by their initials.

A surviving chunk of the "small" Petermann Ice Island is aground near Camp Islands, just south of Battle Harbour. It is indicated by the thin red indicator line. The video of the "small" ice island taken further north about a month ago by Eldred Burden Sr. of Port Hope Simpson has now had over 150,000 views, and has been featured on media websites in countries on literally every continent:



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