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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Information sharing

Premier Kathy Dunderdale says that the Progressive Conservative Dunderdale2011 government's spending (announcement) spree is all about sharing information. In an email statement to The Telegram, she says:
I make no apologies for sharing information with the residents of our province on how our government is spending their tax dollars. People should know what their government is spending money on and public announcements are a good vehicle to accomplish that.
Good, then.

In the spirit of information-sharing, openness, accountability, and all those other long, pretty words, Premier Dunderdale will, naturally, want to release the dollar figures associated with the district-by-district highways spending announcements; dollar figures which are curiously lacking in this year's batch of "sharing information" press releases, just as they have been lacking, for reasons as yet unexplained, for the past three years.

And, given that three-year history of selective information-sharing, or non-sharing, as the case may be, she will, naturally, want to provide such information to the public on a go-backwards basis.

Right, Kathy?



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