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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


This map shows a tale of two provinces.

The dark colours show which opposition won each of the now opposition-held districts. The pale colours indicate which of the opposition parties came second to a PC incumbent or newly-elected MHA:
The two contrasting patterns — NDP dominating St. John's, the Avalon, and eastern Newfoundland, with pockets of support elsewhere in regional county towns; the Liberals strongest in western Newfoundland and fisheries-oriented coastal Labrador and Newfoundland districts — help explain why the pollsters and spreadsheeters didn't pick up on what was trending anecdotally.

It also suggests how they missed the second and third headlines of the evening, namely, the rot that has set into the PC citadel of St. John's, and the failure of the Liberal party to die on cue.

Next time, guys: regional oversamples, OK?

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