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Monday, October 10, 2011

It pays to advertise

An ad from Torngat Mountains PC candidate Patty Pottle which appears on p. A3 of the latest edition of The Labradorian:

The latest edition of the paper is notionally dated Tuesday, October 11th. It is in distribution today.

Section 226.1 of the Elections Act provides as follows:
226.1 (1) A registered party or candidate, and a person, corporation or trade union acting with its or his or her knowledge and consent shall not, after the issue of a writ for an election and before the day immediately following the polling day, except during the period of 21 days immediately preceding the day before polling day,
(a) advertise on the facilities of a broadcasting undertaking; or

(b) procure for publication, publish or consent to the publication of, except during that period, an advertisement in a newspaper, magazine or other periodical publication,
for the purpose of promoting or opposing a political party or the election of a candidate.

(2) Subsection (1) does not apply
(a) to advertising of public meetings in districts;

(b) to advertising through the use of outdoor advertising facilities;

(c) to announcing political parties' headquarters locations;

(d) to announcing services for electors by political parties respecting enumeration and revision of lists of electors; or

(e) to another matter respecting administrative functions of political parties,

if the advertisements, announcements and other matters are done in accordance with the guidelines of the Chief Electoral Officer.

(3) A person who broadcasts or publishes an advertisement contrary to this section is guilty of an offence.



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