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Thursday, January 12, 2012

The people need to know

This was the Progressive Conservative Party, a decade ago, about a resource megaproject in Labrador being undertaken by private capital:
ST. JOHN'S, May 6, 2002 — In order to force the government to debate the terms of the deal in the House of Assembly, Williams said the Progressive Conservative Party of Newfoundland and Labrador will be conducting a major advertising campaign. Caucus members will also hold public speaking engagements across the province.

"The people need to know that the government is about to sign a bad deal. We know from previous experience, such as Churchill Falls, that once a bad deal is signed, it cannot be changed no matter how hard we try. Debating the deal in the House of Assembly before it is finalized will at a minimum fully disclose to the people the benefits this province will receive from the development of a major resource."
This is the Progressive Conservative Party, Wednesday, about a resource megaproject in Labrador being undertaken by at least $6.2-billion in public money, if you assume, for the sake of argument, that the cost estimates are credible:
“We’re going to have the Manitoba Hydro report at the end of this month, and that is the critical component of the PUB review. You’ve heard all of the discussion that has come from opposition parties about opening of the House and having an opportunity to discuss issues,” Dunderdale said.

She said the Opposition Liberals and the NDP can use their allotted budget debate time to talk about Muskrat Falls and the PUB report.

“Because the budget is a money bill, you can discuss anything under the sun,” Dunderdale said.



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