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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wait, what? (I)

In the continuing story of a government gone to the dogs, Ashley Fitzpatrick reports in Saturday's Telegram:
The premier said the editorial was incorrect in suggesting there was no accounting for how $5 billion in infrastructure spending was parceled out.

"What the (acting) auditor general said was that he didn't feel he had access to documents that allow him to determine how decisions were made on how we were going to spend money," she said.

"Nowhere in his report does he talk about not knowing where money was spent. Nowhere. The auditor general is informed on a daily basis where every cent in the government is spent. It's all uploaded to a website that he has access to. On a monthly basis, he is given a roll-up of the month's spending - down to the last nickel. When projects are approved at cabinet, the auditor general is informed of what projects are approved, before a nickel is spent."
Crazy idea here, just throwin' it out there... but why doesn't The Most Accountable Government Ever open up access to this website to everyone?

Sounds like something special!



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