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Wednesday, June 06, 2012


From a CP wire story which moved on December 11, 2000:
The Newfoundland government is scrambling to deflect a sudden wave of criticism that has saddled it with a reputation for keeping too many secrets.


Not to be out done, the Conservative's lone leadership candidate, Danny Williams, took aim at his Liberal rivals when he quoted Abraham Lincoln at his leadership rally last week.

"Let the people know the truth, and the country is safe,'' Williams said.

"We will keep the people of this province fully informed at all times. There will be no secret documents. There will be no hidden agenda."
Dear Leader's equally incompetent and hypocritical hand-anointed successor is about to "reform" the provincial Access to Information Act.

This is the funeral service for any pretence that the incompetent and hypocritical Progressive Conservative Party has ever had about being committed to open, transparent, and accountable government.

What a farce.


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