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Friday, July 06, 2012

Peach, squeezed

   Provincial cabinet ministers, senators, chanting supporters and a band crowded into the Holyrood Star of the Sea Hall Monday night, March 28.

   They were all there to welcome Tory Fabian Manning back into elected politics.


   Tourism Minister Terry French, was sitting conspicuously in the front row as Manning made his announcement Monday night.
   He said that it was hard to withdraw support from Manning and other Conservatives during the last election, but this time around they'll be out in full force.
   "An awful lot of us spent our lifetime campaigning for the Progressive Conservative Party and in turn the Conservative Party," he said. "I think the statement was made the last time with the ABC campaign, (but) I mean that was tough for an awful lot of us."
   To drive the point home, French was joined by Justice Minister Felix Collins, Transportation and Works Minister Tom Hedderson, and MHAs Keith Hutchings and Calvin Peach.

- "Manning gets back in the game", James McLeod, Transcontinental, March 29, 2011
   Bellevue MHA Calvin Peach says panic is growing in his district over how proposed changes to the employment insurance (EI) system will affect seasonal workers.
   "When it comes to the people who (are) making the decisions behind closed doors, I don't think they realize how complicated the whole system is when it comes to fish (harvesters) and the plant workers."  
   Peach sent a letter last month to federal Human Resources Minister Diane Finley outlining his concerns in reaction to the contents of Andrews' mailout.
   "I wanted to explain the situation is much different with plant workers and fishermen, because of the down time between the catches."
   Commenting on her visit to the province last week, during which Finley was confronted by a plant worker in Witless Bay who said she was scared of the changes, Peach felt she did not shed much light on the matter.
   "It seemed like she was just listening. I guess a lot of the plant workers are voicing the same concerns I voiced in the letter to her."

- "EI changes could hurt seasons workers: MHA", Andrew Robinson, The Telegram, July 5, 2012


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